Bergamo thermal insulation coatings

To offer a full range, the company also supplies a wide range of technical fabrics for thermal insulation, which include:


  • glass fabrics
  • HT_S750 fabrics
  • Vetraltemp fabrics
  • silica fabrics
  • ceramic fabrics
  • special fibre fabrics such as aramid and carbopan
Bergamo laminating fabrics

In addition to supplying unprocessed thermal fabrics, the company undertakes specific treatments to strengthen and reinforce the product's performance, making it ideal not just for thermal resistance but also giving it waterproof, heat-reflective, anti-splash and other properties.

Our technical fabrics are laminated and finished through processes of:


  • Caramelisation
  • Aluminisation
  • Lamination with PES-Aluminised sheets
  • Siliconising
  • Polyurethane PU coating
  • Vermiculite WS coating
  • HTM finish
  • Teflon and rubber
  • Adhesive treatment
  • Bespoke sizes and packaging


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