To offer a complete range of products to our customers, Hts Alte Temperature also specialises in the manufacture of technical textiles in special fibres for thermal insulation. This category includes natural fibres, aramid fibres, carbon fibres and graphite fibres, among others. Such fibres are particularly useful as they possess both heat resistant properties as well as chemical, mechanical, electrical and abrasive resistant properties. For this reason they are used in a number of sectors in the field of industrial insulation, such as chemical industries, glassworks, the food industry and many others.

Bergamo insulation coatings in aramid fibres

Aramid fibres 400°C

Bergamo pre-oxidised insulation

Pre-oxidised fibres

Bergamo graphite insulation manufacture

Special graphite fibres

Bergamo PTFE coatings

Special PTFE fibres

Special natural and synthetic fibres for seals

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