Bergamo high temperature sheath manufacture

Hts Alte Temperature offers our customers a wide choice of thermal insulation products, able to satisfy their most varied and specific requirements. In fact, we supply insulation materials, mostly textiles, suitable for medium to high and even very high temperatures.

Both our thermal insulation textile products, and those of other types, are available in sizes and with customised modifications as per requirements.

Browse the sub-sections for more information about individual products.

Bergamo insulation yarns for sale

Twisted yarns for thermal insulation

Bergamo insulation cords for sale

Resistant and robust insulation cords

Bergamo high temperature braided cords manufacture

High temperature braided cords manufacture

Bergamo braided sleeve manufacture

Braided sleeves made from quality materials

Bergamo high temperature knitted cord production

high temperature knitted cords

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Bergamo high temperature webbing tape

Webbing tape made from various materials

Bergamo insulated tubulars

insulated tubulars

Bergamo high temperature fabrics

high temperature fabrics

High temperature coatings and packaging

High temperature coatings and packaging

guarnizioni per stufe e camini

High thermal resistant gaskets for boilers, stoves and fireplaces

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